Global brands building customer loyalty with Pixo Entertainment

Sean Hurwitz the CEO & Founder of Pixo Entertainment joins Enterprise Radio. PIXO’s customer engagement platform is used by global brands to build customer loyalty and increase awareness of new product launches.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Sean Hurwitz discuss the following:

  • Tell me about Pixo Entertainment.
  • Your company shifted focuses recently? Why?
  • What is Gamification and why is it important for companies, and what type of companies?
  •  The type of work you are doing is typically done on the East or West coast. Why have you been so successful in the Midwest?
  • Who is a good target company for Pixo Entertainment?

Duration: 9:55

Sean Hurwitz: CEO, Founder

In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Sean applies his vision and finely honed talents of collaboration, negotiation and relationship building between content producers, marketers, investors, IP stakeholders and the Pixo staff. Sean has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in identifying opportunities and implementing the necessary resources to successfully reach the identified business goals.

At the early age of 17, Sean launched his first start up business from his fathers garage and built it into one of the largest landscape/snow contractors in the country. By implementing technology, data driven decisions, structure and education for over 80 employees, the business was considered the most innovative and profitable companies in the region. The company was the first to adopt the use of the Doppler radar for weather tracking.

After many years operating a service business, Sean received a first hand education on the differences between a service and product based business model and decided to pursue a business direction and career that leveraged more than just people’s time. Sean begun his career in commercial real estate in the mid 2000’s. First by identifying and obtaining the appropriate license, followed by the necessary funding requirements and sources available for these types of investments. During this period, real estate opportunities were
identified and presented to small and large Angel investors, and Sean escorted the deals through governmental and site plan approval stages.

With the real estate market on the downturn and the incredible Mobile opportunities presenting themselves in the late 2000’s, Sean co founded PixoFactor Entertainment in September of 2009, later to be branded as Pixo Entertainment, by raising the first two rounds of Angel Investments.

Sean has spoken to large audiences on the topic of leadership and is frequently invited to speak at Mobile Gaming conferences around the country, radio and television interviews, as well as educational institutions, to share his expertise and recent success in the Mobile Industry. Sean has been featured in trade and business magazines, newspapers and the largest video gaming, online digital publications in the world.

Recent achievements include:

  • Helped Pixo become the first video game developer to receive the Michigan Entertainment credit established in April of 2008, as well as the first for an interactive website and mobile phone app.
  • Solidified Pixo’s relationship with MSU, a top five video gaming University in the country, by partnering with their “Capstone” class to build two mobile games as part of their graduating requirement.
  • Recipient of the Grant Thornton “Leaders and Innovators” award in January, 2012.
  • Established a non profit, Michigan Digital Vibe, to help others understand the available financial state incentives and continue to grow the digital infrastructure in MI.
  • Successfully negotiated an investment and partnership with Tapjoy as part of their $5,000,000 Android fund.

Sean currently resides in Novi, MI with his wife and four children.

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