Getting inspired and motivated to be successful even when times are tough

Joe Florentine and Erica Florentine, Co-founders of Success Cornerstone and Co-authors of the book titled “The Foundation of a Successful Life” joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Joe Florentine and Erica Florentine discuss the following:

  1. You write that your book, The Foundation of a Successful Life, is unique and unlike other books on success or self-improvement. Can you tell us why?
  2. We’ve all been going through a challenging year given the global pandemic. What advice can you give for getting inspired and motivated to be successful even when times are tough?
  3. What are some of the key steps to identifying what makes you happy and how you can set goals to achieve that happiness?
  4. We’ve all had to deal with negative people or influences throughout life. How can we avoid having other people or problems derail our goals and dreams?
  5. A common problem for many is they feel they simply don’t have the time to pursue their dreams and passions. What advice can you give for managing your time?
  6. Once you become successful (or find happiness) what are some strategies for maintaining your enthusiasm and finding new ways to grow as a person?

Joe Florentine has spent 40 years studying the teachings of prominent self-help experts. He received his first copy of Think & Grow Rich by Dr. Napoleon Hill as a young adult and used the principles within, among others, to grow his real estate company into a multi-million dollar business and to find happiness and success in his personal life. After retirement from real estate, he knew he wanted to share the success lessons he’s practiced and he founded Success Cornerstone, an organization dedicated to educating young adults and older on ways to live a more successful life. He penned The Foundation of a Successful Life to support that very mission.

Erica Florentine is a writer whose work has appeared in outlets including Bustle,, Thought Catalog,,, Fitness and Delaware Today magazines and more. Erica was first exposed to self-help teachings more than a decade ago and has consistently practiced those lessons to excel in her career. With those lessons in place, she’s had the opportunity to work on communications and public relations efforts for international companies including Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez, Nestle and Merck, and most recently joined forces with her father to co-found Success Cornerstone.


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