FuzedMarketing with Gary Stockert

Gary Stockert the COO of an Interactive Marketing Firm – FuzedMarketing joins the show.

Founded in 2010 by Dan McCabe, CEO and Best Selling Author, FuzedMarketing headquarters in Minneapolis, MN and meets the needs of thousands of clients from a wide variety of industries. With over 40 years of results oriented business building experience, FuzedMarketing is the leading resource for helping you locate, cultivate, and close prospects.

Our highly skilled and expert staff specializes in the functions of your business that directly impact your efficiency, effectiveness, and profits: See how Fuzed Marketing can transform your web presence from a resource to a revenue stream!

FuzedMarketing, for years, has been following the spread of one of the most common diseases among small businesses: the identity crisis disease! Are you suffering from poor impressions, confusing taglines, unidentifiable logos? Is your brand just missing that spark! That flare! That umph! We’ve got you covered! Utilizing our expert, experienced and innovative creative team, FuzedMarketing will harmonize and professionalize and customize your brand impressions: logo, website, media and more!

With 97% of your prospects socializing or searching the internet to find solutions to their needs, what are you doing to keep your brand and your business in front of them? Ethical, strategic and effective forms of marketing at your door. FuzedMarketing utilizes the biggest players and tools of the internet: Google AdWords, Pay Per Click, Hyper Targeting, Yahoo, Ask.com, Bing and more to help you develop a stronger brand presence and get your name where it needs to be (in front of targeted prospects) on the web.

FuzedMarketing partners with some of the biggest names in internet technology solutions: Media Mind, If By Phone, and dozens of Ad Network Partners which cost any individual thousands of dollars/month. We widdled em down; and are passing the savings to you through collective buying power from the thousands of small businesses that have partnered with us. Optimize, maximize, and profit-ize your online real estate!

FuzedMarketing’s big deal differentiator! This is where our company shines and where our clients truly benefit! Yes, we provide the Branding, Leads and Technology for your business; but we like to hang our hat on the fact that we teach you how to use it! Through dynamic, engaging and high energy speaking, training and coaching, our staff will ensure that your time, talents, abilities and opportunities are used effectively and profitably!

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