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Frank Mastrapasqua of M Capital Advisors: This is What Investors Should Do During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Frank Mastrapasqua, the Founder and CEO of M Capital Advisors, an independently-owned asset management firm with locations in Nashville, TN and San Antonio, TX joins Enterprise Radio. Frank is here to discuss with us about the financial advisory industry and provide valuable advice on our current economy with regard to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Frank Mastrapasqua discuss the following:

  1. Tell us briefly about M Capital Advisors and how the financial advisory business is changing?

  2. What industries will have a hard time recovering from the coronavirus and the government shutdown of the economy due to the coronavirus? And alternatively, what industries are performing well and will continue to do well coming out of the pandemic?

  3. How is the $2 trillion stimulus package going to be financed?

  4. Frank, do you think that we will successfully emerge from the pandemic? How long will it take, and at what cost?

  5. Given your experience and knowledge, what should an investor be doing right now?

To learn more, follow Frank’s stories and insights on Nashville Business Journal’s Leadership Trust or on Medium.

Frank Mastrapasqua, chairman, principal, and chief investment officer at M Capital Advisors, has been working in the investment business for more than 45 years, helping countless clients in finance using his hard-earned education and experiences.

The son of an Italian immigrant family, Mastrapasqua was raised in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Fairfield University and graduated with a B.S. in mathematics. He then went on to earn his M.B.A. and economics from the New York University Graduate School of Business.

Early in his career, Mastrapasqua was a professor at Northeastern University, the University of Houston, and NYU Business School.  He then transitioned to Wall Street, where he worked as a portfolio investment strategist and chief economist for leading New York investment companies like L.F. Rothschild and Smith Barney.

In 1986, Mastrapasqua was recruited by J.C. Bradford & Co. in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was director of research and chief investment strategist.

On his way to founding M Capital Advisors (formerly Mastrapasqua Asset Management) in 1993, Mastrapasqua wrote for well-respected publications and spoke at various events. Mastrapasqua was profiled in the Nashville Business Journal and was frequently quoted in various publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. He served as a board member for various corporations and nonprofits such as Vanderbilt Diabetes Center and JDRF Nashville. He was also honored as a distinguished professor at the Belmont University Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business.

In 1993, Mastrapasqua founded his firm, M Capital Advisors, and it became a leading money management and independent research firm.

Today, Mastrapasqua uses his 45+ years of experience in the investment business to lead the Investment Committee at M Capital Advisors. His primary focuses are macroeconomics, individual sector trends, monetary policy, and proprietary valuation models. As the co-manager of M Capital Advisors’ equity strategies, he enjoys creating new investment strategies to meet his clients’ needs.

When Mastrapasqua has the opportunity to enjoy personal time, he enjoys horseback riding, wine tasting, and traveling with his wife, Laura, and their three dogs.


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