Forex Trading for Beginners

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Trying to get rich by being a retail forex trader is not easy. In fact, all traders, even the successful ones, have lost money on some trades. But it can be done and has been by many people. Before you start looking for favourable forex swap rates from Ever Forex to try your hand in forex trading, there are a few things you have to understand.

What is forex and how does a trader make money from it?

Forex is an electronic marketplace where banks, brokers, institutions, and individual traders go to trade various currencies. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, although you can only actively trade during weekdays since banks are closed on weekends. Being electronic, it has no specific place or building to hold business, and no centralized location either. To be able to trade on your own, all you need to do is to look for a trading platform, preferably one with good forex swap rates from Ever Forex or other brokers, and start trading. Because of its high liquidity, availability, and 24/7 schedule, it has become a popular career choice for many.

Which brings us to the second half of the question: How does a trader profit from forex trading? A trader is someone who places orders in the market either independently or on behalf of an institution, speculating on various currencies based on interest rates, trade flows, and political and economic trends, among others. In a nutshell, a profit can be made by guessing which currency would increase in value, buying it, then trading it once it does appreciate. It is essentially pitting one currency against another. 

Profit is measured in pips, which depends on how many decimal places a price quote has. A price quote has four decimal places at most, save for the Japanese yen, which goes to two decimal places only. 

Are there any qualifications to become a trader?

Technically, you do not need any diploma or certification to be able to trade on your own. All you need is a trading capital and enough time to learn the ropes through a practice demo account. This account is similar in every way to a real account, behaving as if the trade is being made on a live market, but using “monopoly” money. After 3 to 6 months of profitable trade in a demo account, you can move on to live trading.

Being a professional trader is slightly different. If you want to work for a reputable financial institution or company, you need credentials such as a degree in math, accounting, finance, banking, economics, or business to edge out the numerous competition. And, depending on where you want to trade, you may need additional qualifications and certifications. 

How much capital do you need?

An average Forex broker requires $300, but some go as low as $50. Keep in mind though that you would most likely be losing money at the start where you are still honing your trading skills. You would need at least $10,000 of disposable cash you are prepared to lose at any given time for a realistic chance at getting rich. The initial capital you need to get started will be among the top attributes that make a broker good for beginners. The chances are you will not be able to place in the market such amounts of equity. That is why how much money you will need initially becomes an important factor when choosing a broker and the regulations.

Which trading firm to choose?

There are many factors that could help you decide where to do your trading aside from favourable forex swap rates from Ever Forex or a similar company. 

First is security. Before handing over your money to a broker, you need to find out through regulatory agencies from all over the world if they are legit. The other component of keeping your money secure is a trading firm’s reliability. Make sure their team of brokers and financial researchers are experienced and have a proven track record.

Regardless of what type of trading you would do, it would be subject to a spread or a commission. Look for trading firms with affordable rates, but not at the expense of reliability.

Most trading activity takes place in trading platforms, and it is essential that you become confident and comfortable using it. Look for firms with user-friendly trading platforms.

Getting into Forex trading is easy, but making money out of it is a whole different story. As with any other career, it takes a combination of time, experience, and tenacity to be successful. Expect to lose more times than you are going to profit, especially at the beginning. But, in time, you will learn to make it count when you profit and to keep the losses to a minimum, enough to make a more than decent living. 

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