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Follow these tips and operate your online business in France easily

Posted: September 7, 2019 at 10:09 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Eastern part of the world always fascinate people to start a new business in that region. And actually, it has a lot more to offer than what you could think of. The friendly business policies and incredible success of tech business in the region have made France the best choice for new online businesses. Under the mentorship of President Macron, the nation has opened arms for every new idea. 

Furthermore, the key position of France in the European Union is something that can’t be overlooked. So, what are you waiting for? Get the right resources such as a France phone number and launch an online business in this fad business hub.

What the future of online business in France?

Well, you will be pleased to know that the country welcomes online businesses with open arms. The increased trust of locals in e-commerce businesses has bought the commendable 15% hike in sales in 2016 when compared to the previous year. And, there is no looking back as of now. If we talk about the numbers then the online business revenue in France touched the mark of 72 billion Euros in 2016. 

Apart from the high affinity of locals towards online buying, the number of foreigners businesses ordering online from the France companies has also increased. As of now, more than 120,000 online stores are operating in France that bags it the badge of the 6th largest e-commerce market in the world. Seeing the trend, we can easily conclude that you have made the right decision of starting/extending business here.

Who all can start a business in France?

So, you have made your mind to open an online business in France already!

The next thing that needs your attention is to check your candidature. To start a business in France, one either has to have permanent residency in France or a citizen of the EU. Professionals who own a degree/diploma that is recognized in France can also embark on their new journey easily.

Get, set Go. 

Since now you are aware of all the prerequisites that operating an online business in France demands, it’s time to ponder how to move further.  

  • Create a solid business plan

No business can lay its foundation without a solid business plan. This includes the mission and vision of your business, the key market trends, target customers and many other related things.  A business plan is also your key to fetch investments from investors and French business bank account management. So, make it clear, crisp, and concise by all means. 

  • What type of company structure do you want? 

Once you are done deciding upon the above-mentioned factors, the next thing to look after is to decide the company structure.  In general, there are three types of corporate entities that are available for consideration. 

·         SARL -LLC or Limited Liability Company.

·         French joint-stock company. 

·         Simplified stock corporation (SAS)- For those wherein, there is a collaboration between the French company and a foreign partner.

·         Branch- If you already have a business running in another part of the world and want to open a branch of it in France. 

Each operates differently and demands a different sort of ownership. So, take the right legal advice and decide upon one. 

  • Make by-laws registration

After that, registration of by-laws for your company is the next thing to consider.  In this step, you will try to be specific about certain things such as your product range, your service periphery, and future growth trajectory. 

  • Make your way to open a bank account. 

Businesses need money to operate and money needs a bank account to be channelized properly. So, your next move should be towards the bank to open an account. This can be a little daunting. Despite this, there is no escape from it. The French bank officers will grill you hard to meet all the corporate and personal document requirements. Even if you meet all the requirements, it can take months to get the account. If you are planning to open a SARL company then you should have a minimum of €1 in your account once you get one. On the other hand, a SA company requires a minimum of €37,000 of initial capital.

  • Start marketing way ahead. 

Setting up a business takes a lot of time. But, you should start educating your targeted customers about your business way ahead. Buy a France phone number of your target market like Paris (+33 1) and start making calls to the possible customers. 

Don’t forget to get a virtual business phone number for this purpose. By using this tool, you can make easy-on-the-pocket international calls from your home location as well. Also, make sure that you should get the local phone number so that your customers will feel that you belong to their nearby vicinity only. 

France is a lucrative market for budding online businesses. So, get the right business phone number, business plan, and attitude and explore the opportunities.

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