Fixing Work: A Tale About Designing Jobs Employees Love

David G. Henkin and Thomas Bertels, the Co-authors of “Fixing Work: A Tale About Designing Jobs Employees Love” joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest David G. Henkin and Thomas Bertels discuss the following:

  1. The overall theme of your book, Fixing Work, is that work is broken. How so and what do you see as some of the biggest issues?
  2. You’ve written the book as an allegorical tale – can you tell us a bit why you took that approach?
  3. You write that managers and leaders are treating their people like automatons and discouraging creativity. What are some initial steps to making work more motivating?
  4. What are some of the advantages to the whole organization (beyond just the people) when we make work more “human-centric”?
  5. What trends do you see coming in future? Given all the upheaval in the workplace are you optimistic that leaders and their teams can be productive, efficient, and motivated?

DAVID G. HENKIN is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur with a proven record of success in prominent global companies as well as start-ups. The author of several books, he has taught in a top-rated university business school program while also serving as an innovator, consultant and coach for corporate and nonprofit leaders.

THOMAS BERTELS is the president and founder of Purpose Works, a management consulting firm on a mission to make work more productive, valuable, meaningful, and impactful. He has twenty-five years of experience working with companies ranging from Fortune 10 firms to start-ups to improve organizational effectiveness and transform how work gets done.

They are co-authors of “Fixing Work: A Tale About Designing Jobs Employees Love“.


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