Fix your PC with 60 seconds of effort with FixMeStick

Fix your PC with 60 seconds of effort with FixMeStick

and Corey Velan & Marty Algire

Corey Velan & Marty Algire, co-founders of FixMeStick which is a PC virus detection and removal product joins Enterprise Radio. FixMeStick is simple to use, self updating and a self- contained USB hardware device.

Listen in….

  • How did you come to found this company (FMS)?
  • What are your backgrounds?
  • When you decided to go out on your own, what were the biggest challenges?
  • How did you overcome these challenges?
  • What, from your current/recent experience with FMS, have you learned about launching a product?

Duration: 15:13

Fast Facts About FixMeStick

  • Founders Marty Algire and Corey Velan are Internet security pros who saw how malware consistently beats anti-malware and the cost that incurs to people and businesses.
  • They¬† left executive management positions at our last company to take a swing at turning the tables on viruses and malware.
  • They became disenchanted and ditched the opportunity for several weeks in the spring on 2011 because VCs and visionary-types didn’t like it (not cloud, not social, not mobile etc.)
  • During this period they roamed aimlessly and were generally disgusted with themselves, and to make matter worse they constantly had to explain to friends and family and other random people they’d meet out and about why we were roaming aimlessly.
  • These people (i.e. consumers) consistently said back to Marty and Corey “I love that idea, I need one of those”. After hearing that about 30 times they decided to stop our inward self-loathing and analysis and build something great and work it from there.


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