Changing Rural Life Forever with Vivian Vendeirinho

Changing Rural Life Forever with Vivian Vendeirinho

Vivian Vendeirinho founder of RVE.SOL which is behind the “Changing Rural Life Forever” initiative joins the Green Business Podcast Show.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Vivian Vendeirinho discuss the following:

  • Tell us About “Changing Rural Life Forever” and RVE.SOL
  • Why rural poverty & What are the key causes of rural poverty?
  • What is your solution?
  • You’ve been in business for nearly 2 years, tell us about your experience in rural africa so far? (Pilot program)
  • What does the future hold for “Changing Rural Life Forever” and RVE.SOL?

Duration: 12:05

“Changing Rural Life Forever” is an initiative of RVE.SOL – Soluçoes de Energia Rural Lda. We are a “social entrepreneurship for profit”.

Through “Changing Rural Life Forever”, we are applying sustainable technology to the benefit of the world’s poorest in a way that creates financial benefits or profit for our investors, life changing impetus and measurable social impact for the people who use our solutions and measurable positive environmental impact on the planet. This is also known as the “triple bottom line”.

Formed out of the belief that everyone has a basic human right to sustainable energy and fresh water, “Changing Rural Life Forever” is about implementing first world, renewable energy technologies within locally sustainable community business models to eradicate poverty. To this end we have developed the Rural Village Energy hub or RVE.

For more on “Changing Rural Life Forever” click here.

Founder and Managing Director, Vivian Vendeirinho is a pervasively positive Portuguese/South African engineer with a seasoned technology business development, sales and marketing resume. Proven revenue generating and business management experience across Europe, United States, Japan and developing markets like Eastern Europe and South Africa. Vivian speaks 5 languages, lives in Madrid and is passionate about Africa.


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