Five Ways to Become the GPS Your Audience Needs

Five Ways to Become the GPS Your Audience Needs

with Dr. Bill Lampton

It’s no exaggeration that your audience wants full fledged GPS service from you. Listeners want you to clarify the destination and keep them informed about where you are.

Five Ways to Become the GPS Your Audience Needs:

1. Start by announcing where you’re headed.

2. Display attractive visuals.

3. Recalculate when you get off track.

4. Post your progress frequently.

5. Tell them when you have arrived then–STOP.

At the end of your speech you have several options for letting your audience know you have finished. Possibly you will summarize, or issue a challenge related to the information you’ve provided. Whatever you do after you are done, do it with as few words as possible. Your audience is leaving mentally anyway, so allow them the physical exit you promised.


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