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Five Tips for Great Marketing – How to Make Your Business Grow!

Posted: November 3, 2017 at 3:32 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

Promotional marketing is a very effective way of boosting your sales and improving your brand positioning. The use of special offers with a precise function can pique the interest of potential customers and influence the purchase they eventually make. Here are some tips to improve your branding process by choosing an appropriate strategy for your company and your product or service.

1. Have a good strategy
Campaigns that use promotional merchandise almost always have a purpose. Some campaigns are aimed at attracting new customers, others encourage current customers to return. Have a clear idea about the purpose or the objective of your promotion; this is the first step to creating an effective strategy.

2. Internet and social media
This option is great for massifying the process of marketing, and it can help support the principal marketing strategy you choose to use. Digital marketing can be used as a tool to create a buzz, and attract more people, without extra cost, through pushing your promotional offer through various social media platforms, using different ads or promotions.

3. Target Market
Promotional marketing will work best if you carefully evaluate the intended target market beforehand, and how best to attract them. It’s necessary to research which customers, or potential new customers, you are interested in targeting (e.g. think age, gender, interests, spending habits, etc.) so that you can approach them using the most appropriate method(s). An offer or promotion will have a much higher impact if it’s closely based on your research and highly targeted to the specific target audience.

4. Create a solid identity for your brand
Make sure your logo, slogan, or brand name is memorable; creating greater brand awareness will be easier if you use ‘sticky’ words, visually striking images or some other feature that allows people to recognise your brand easily. Also, the use of colour combinations should be chosen with great care, according to the theme or function of the promotion.

5. Choose the right giveaway
Select the most appropriate product, discount or promotion for branding purposes. Any company can use a strategy of offering its customers an additional discount on the normal purchase price. But selecting the perfect promotional gift, or giveaway item, is critical in differentiating your promotional marketing to make your brand more visible or improve the perception of your product. Choose the item carefully, try to choose something functional, which will be used frequently, before having your brand name printed on it.

Promotional merchandising is a highly practical and cost-effective option with high impact that can help you generate greater sales or customer loyalty. Giveaway items carrying your logo, or brand name, will make people more aware of your brand and company, and generally create a positive perception. It will also keep your brand at the forefront of their minds and you may become their first choice when it comes to making a purchase decision.

Comments (1)

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