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First Time Property Buyer Check List

Posted: December 9, 2020 at 8:07 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

When purchasing a property, each one has precedence and preference. The process of buying takes time, and it isn’t very easy. Having written preferences is a useful way to help you in the buying process without overlooking some of the important features to you as well as your loved ones.

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This article will give you the things to look out for when buying a property. This is vital, most notably for beginners. Each factor will rank differently in significance for individual buyers. It’s worth to check the whole points. If you and your loved one are purchasing the property, make sure to talk about it and agree on every feature’s significance. So, here are the factors to look out for!


All homebuyers want to look for a place that allows fast access to important sites such as a church, school, recreation, work, and many others. Just like how One Meyer was strategically positioned, for instance. Its developer did an excellent job in establishing the development along the vicinity of East Coast Park, Singapore where everything is within reach. Likewise, you should search for quick access to the main highways and also don’t forget to check the flow of the traffic. 

Considering this factor can assist you in saving from stress in getting out of the neighborhood from an unreasonably long trip.

The location of the property is also vital to a lot of people. Some favor a distance from massive traffic, while others simply enjoy the convenience of being near the property’s main entry. If there’s a pool, theme part, or recreation area, some homeowners will opt to the nearest available. Some preferred cul-de-sacs, while some enjoy living on the main avenue. Know your choices and ask real estate agents if specific locations bring a high purchase cost.

Check the Roof

Prior to going inside the property, make sure to check first the roof. Does the covering look new or caving in? Once the roof is noticeable like there is an issue in a gaping hole, there is a chance that it can result to expensive repairs.

However, a new covering can mean a lower insurance rate. The same way, a roof that is made of an exceptionally tough material is armed to safeguard against storm and strong wind. So, the roof should be one of the important factors to look out for when buying a property.

Check the Structure

As a first time homebuyer, don’t judge the structure by its paint. Once you go inside the house, check and assess the structure- aging home appliances, loose cables as well as tune our newly painted walls or upscale decoration. The structure will be there long after the coat has begun chipping, and you wish that to be what lasts.

Check the HVAC Unit

If you have a plan of purchasing a property, always bear in mind; when it looks old or wobbly, perhaps it is.  HVAC or heating and cooling systems are costly to repair and replace, and malfunctioning ones can consume a lot of energy leading to higher power bills. Ensure the furnace is working well and in a proper condition.

Consider Deal Breakers

When purchasing a property, first and foremost, you need to settle on your deal-breakers. Apart from basic like countertop and quality windows, consider the reason for your home as well as your lifestyles like storage for a massive collection of books and a huge yard of partying and barbecuing.

Also, as a first time property buyer, it is wise to spring for a property with an additional bedroom when you are planning on guests or kids. And when your partner is a night owl while you are an expert of cat naps, it is a smart idea to search for a property that has entertainment room far from the master bedroom.

Check the Plumbing System

If you are thrusting around a new kitchen, you also need to check underneath the sink and the pipes. Make sure there are no leaks, no water damage as well as mold. Mold is unappealing and has a foul odor. It also causes various kinds of health issues. If you have kids or members of the family with allergy, you need to be extra careful about this matter.

Check the Area Around the Property

When buying a property, don’t just check the home or the structure itself, you also need to examine the place around the property. Is the area prone to wildfires or flooding? Is the driveway shared with others?  If there is a fence, have they built and well-positioned? There are many things to consider when buying a property; you must not ignore the factors mentioned.

Check the Sewage System?

Do you smell gas, sewage, or anything disagreeable? The sewage systems are outdated properties that can get blocked sometimes or harmed by the roots of the tree. Luckily, there are plumbing or sewer companies that can send a cam in the pipes to find out any blockages or breaks. You also need to check pet odors, mildew as well as cigarette.

Check if the House is Well-Insulated

Each one of us wants a comfortable home. Check the water pipes, attic, as well as heating ducts to ensure they are well-insulated. This can lessen heating and cooling expenses and keep you at ease during winter and summer. Double-paned windows can save you a lot. What is more, it can also soundproof your home from annoying outside noise.

Check the Whole Thing

Check everything like the light switch, faucet, door and windows, toilets as well as the water.  Buying a property is a massive and essential step, and you have to know how the whole thing works first and foremost. This way, you are able to address problem areas as well as see if there is a cost-efficient solution available.

Consider a Home Inspection from Expert

Aside from checking the home on your own, you will also need to enlist an expert to make sure the foundation is rock hard, and the cabling is up to code. A professional home inspector can also check wood-eating pests as well as lead paint.

Experts recommend that virtually every property has a defect. A number of them will be apparent to homebuyers, while some will be reparable; however, it is best to know prior to purchasing. This will assist you in reducing the price and prepare for a needed repair expense, which may happen.

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