Finding Love in the New Year with Certified Matchmaker & Numerologist, Uwa Jesuorobo

Uwa Jesuorobo, a Certified Matchmaker & Numerologist of Od’u’ware Matchmaking joins Enterprise Radio to talk about how to find love this new year.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Uwa Jesuorobo discuss the following:

  1. What are the barriers you find in the dating world currently?
  2. What challenges do most singles face when attempting to find their soulmate?
  3. How do you incorporate Numerology in order to select your matches?
  4. What is significant about Numerology that motivated you to use it as a tool to match couples?
  5. What are your tips for finding love during the pandemic times we are facing?

Uwa Jesuorobo is a 1st generation Nigerian immigrant, who came to America at the age of 7 and became a naturalized citizen at the age of 14. At 19 he joined the U.S. Army as an intelligence analyst and served 8 years with 2x deployments to Afghanistan. He also received an associate of applied science in intelligence operations studies from Cochise college.

He has been married once before and is currently divorced. The unique challenges and experiences of his 1st marriage led him down the path to becoming a certified matchmaker. After the divorce, Uwa came away from that experience believing there had to be a better, safer, and smarter way of finding a life partner. Around the same time, he was introduced to the science of numerology which would ultimately change the course of his life. The accuracy and simplicity of numerology convinced Uwa of the potential applications for finding love based on the numbers. This began a 6-year process of education and developing a totally unique system of matchmaking that is positioned to revolutionize the entire matchmaking industry. Uwa is also a graduate of the “Global Love Institute”, which is the leading matchmaking institute in the world.

While serving as an intelligence analyst in the military, Uwa received highly specialized training essential to performing the duties of an intelligence analyst. The highly valued skills he gained during his time of service, have now allowed him to transition into a career as a certified matchmaker. During his time in the service, Uwa was the recipient of numerous awards and decorations to include Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/ 2 Campaign stars, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award (2nd award), Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Services Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon, Army Service Ribbon, and the NATO Medal.

His unique background and experiences have proven to be invaluable as a certified matchmaker. They have allowed Uwa to find and recruit quality singles; to really know and understand the desires and motivations of his clients by conducting thorough pre-screenings and personality assessments.


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