Finclusion Ushering In The Financial Models Bringing Financial Inclusion to Africa

Timothy Nuy, the Founder and CEO of Finclusion Group, an enterprise that builds financial technology products and services that help make financial tools easily accessible for people throughout the African continent joins Enterprise Radio. To know more latest financial news podcast join exclusive enterprise podcast program.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Timothy Nuy discuss the following:

  1. Can you please start by telling us about Finclusion, its products, and who can benefit from them?
  2. How are your machine learning and AI capable financial models different from other products on the market?
  3. Where is Fintech having success in Africa, and where is there room for growth?
  4. If you are an entrepreneur in Africa looking for assistance, how do you get in touch with Finclusion regarding its products? Where does Finclusion look to expand on the continent and what kind of like-minded entities are Finclusion Group looking to partner with?
  5. Where do you see Finclusion Group in five years?

Timothy Nuy is the Founder and CEO of Finclusion Group, which is working to enhance the lives of Africans through simple, convenient, and appropriate financial services. Since its inception in 2018, Finclusion’s proven credit scoring modules have led to the distribution of 310 million in loans to 240,000 customers across five countries.

Prior to creating Finclusion, Nuy founded Fractal Labs in January 2020, creating a unique risk and AI modelling framework to the financial market.

Nuy received his Bachelor of Science, International Business Economics from Maastricht University in 2008, also completing a program at Cal Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. In 2011, Nuy became the Director of the African Development Corporation, an investment holding focusing on the financial services industry.

In March of 2015, Nuy became the Deputy-Chief Executive Officer of MyBucks, a company that operated financial institutions in Africa, Europe, and Australia. In March of 2019, he moved into the role of Chief Executive Officer, paving the way for the founding of his current companies.


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