Ferla: Building Ecofriendly Mobile Business for Entrepreneurs

Feras Bashnak

Feras Bashnak the Founder and CEO of Ferla, a company focused on eco-friendly mobile carts and cargo bikes joins the Green Business Podcast Show.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Feras Bashnak discuss the following:

  1. What is the company’s vision?
  2. What was the inspiration for Ferla Bikes?
  3. What benefits does Ferla Bikes offer businesses?
  4. Does your approach help businesses reduce carbon footprint?
  5. You work with entrepreneurs to bring their business to market fast…how do you do this? How do entrepreneurs get started?
  6. How much do your bikes cost?

Feras Bashnak is Founder and CEO of Ferla Bikes. A serial entrepreneur, Feras was raised in Kazakhstan and began his career in hospitality, earning his bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management/Administration from IHTTI School of Hotel Management in Switzerland.

After working at several world-renowned restaurants and hotels, Feras’ entrepreneurial spirit took over and he launched a successful catering business in Los Angeles. In 2016, Feras’ career path would then take another turn after observing and helping a woman struggling to push a fruit cart up a steep hill. Feras realized then that there had to be a better solution and began developing the prototype for the first Ferla cargo e-bike. Ferla has gone on to become a leading provider of premium electric cargo bikes and, to date, has developed more than 20 different cargo e-bikes/carts for business and personal use.


Website: https://ferlabikes.com

Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://facebook.com/FerlaBikes
Instgram: https://instagram.com/ferlabikes
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FerlaBikes

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