Event Talk: Site selection, creativity, objectives and execution with Valerie Bihet

Valerie Bihet

Valerie Bihet, Founder of The V!BE Agency who is an accomplished marketing and events professional with over 12 years of experience joins EPN and Event Talk. Valerie talks to us about site selection, creativity, objectives and execution.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Valerie Bihet discuss the following:

  • As a planner, what information do you need from your client in order to choose the correct facility for their meeting or special event? What do you suggest as necessity if your client does not bring it up?
  • What is an important piece of advice can you offer to destination meeting planners not familiar with a particular destination?
  • Your clients’ vision for their event is large but their budget is not. You are challenged with creating a balance between effectiveness and efficiency. How do you go about offering alternative solutions and still keep them happy?
  • What are the 3 most important objectives to consider when planning a large-scale event like an awards ceremony or a large-scale corporate party or destination meeting?
  • Why are contracts important?
  • What do you consider good onsite conduct?
  • The event or meeting has been executed and the client is not happy…now what?
  • Do you see any particular trends in the wants of clients in the last 5 years?

Duration: 16:06

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Valérie Bihet is the Founder and Director of The V!BE Agency, located in Miami, Florida. Since 2005 the agency has specialized in premier event planning and destination meetings management for top tier clientele in luxury, finance, tech and more. She has worked with Alliance Prestige Group, Disneyland Paris, Club Med, Dior, Chanel, Audi, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, BMI Records and President Jimmy Carter.

Learn more about The V!BE Agency at www.thevibeagency.com.

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