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Event Talk – Episode 11: How using technology can help planners generate more revenue for events

Event Talk

Al Wynant, CEO of EventInterface.com, the exclusive sponsor of Event TALK here on EPN joins the show. Al is here to talk about how using technology can help planners generate more revenue for events, what to think about when implementing technology and how to be successful.

Listen to Eric Dye & Al Wynant discuss the following:

  • As the event landscape has changed, how has revenue generation from events evolved?
  • Should planners look to attendees to help generate the revenue, or are there other avenues?
  • How has technology advanced the opportunity to generate event revenue?
  • It is not just about implementing the technology, but also marketing. How do you best promote the opportunities you have created for the attendees, and also to insure that you as a planner meet your revenue goals.
  • What are your top 3 tips when implementing technologies to help raise money at events?

Duration: 11:34

Al Wynant has 24 years of international event management experience. He has managed events from 50 to 125,000 attendees in six countries. He intimately understands the many aspects of event and meeting management, and how technology can make the complicated process of planning and managing events, and engaging attendees easier, which is a plus in his position as CEO at EventInterface.com.

Al Wynant

Al studied in Europe and traveled with the international educational program Up with People. He has worked as a Marketing and Public Relations Representative working concert tours in the United States, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He ran event management firm A6 where he was responsible for the management of a large variety of conferences and events in the Southwest and in Atlanta, High Point and New York City.

Reach Al at www.EventInterface.com or via email at MemberServices@EventInterface.com.

On the next episode of Event Talk:

Terry Adams, Executive Director of the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO. Terry will join us to talk about how to set-up and manage successful festivals.

Event Talk is brought to you by EventInterface.com.

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