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Entrepreneurs’ Business Literacy Guide

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Lou Banach and Jeff Rasmussen, authors of the new book “Start It, Grow It, Sell It:  The Journey of Business” join Enterprise RadioThe book teaches business literacy as it pertains to starting, operating and ultimately selling a small business.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is working in conjunction with the Author Channel.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Lou Banach and Jeff Rasmussen discuss the following:

  1. What drove you to write this book?
  2. What are the most important things to have in order to start a business?
  3. What action should a business owner take to significantly increase the chances of long-term success?
  4. What is the biggest mistake small business owners make?
  5. When should a business owner begin making plans to sell their business?
  6. What final advice do each of you have for business owners?

Lou D. Banach – Servant Leader,  Bank Executive, Author and Professional Speaker

Lou Banach is a Group Senior Vice President and a Segment Executive at Associated Bank. He has more than 30-years of business and banking experience. Currently, he is a Trustee for the Milwaukee-based Wisconsin Public Policy Forum, focused on regional government accountability.  He earned an MBA  from Penn State University, and he holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa.    He was a three-time All-American at Iowa and, during 1984, Lou won  a gold medal in the highly regarded  1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles. Additionally, Mr. Banach served 6 years in the U S Army, including three years active duty at United States Military Academy. Lou is a published author of The New Breed: Living Iowa Wrestling and co-authored with his brothers a recent book entitled Uncommon Bonds: A Journey in Optimism. Lou currently lives near Oconomowoc, Wisconsin on Middle Genesee Lake with his wife and three children. Our family has two dogs, Harvey and Nala.

Jeff RasmussenRecovering CPA, Business Owner, Author and Speaker/Trainer

Jeff Rasmussen refers to himself as a recovering CPA with a short attention span.  He is currently the President of Fairway Auto Care Center and the principle consultant for Fairway Business Advisors.  He is living proof of the importance of working on the business instead of just in the business.  Jeff’s 35-year business career spans the disciplines of finance, operations, quality, sales & marketing and business ownership.  He has worked for a $ billion corporations as well as start-ups.  Jeff is an avid fisherman, hunter and Christ follower.  He is blessed to be married to an extremely patient wife, who is an ESL teacher.  Jeff and his wife have two adult sons, and belong to a highly energetic German Short-haired Pointer.  Jeff lives in Cameron, WI.

Book Summary

In our book, Start It, Grow It, Sell It: The Journey of Business, we share many ideas and concepts to build business literacy and necessary financial awareness. And we believe that entrepreneurs should be Working ON the Business even while Working IN the Business. Doing so is necessary to ensure sustainable growth, strong business results, and enhanced value.

To bring our concepts to life, we introduce you to Nelli and Harvey, a young couple with dreams and aspirations. They want to start and grow a business. Eventually, they hope to transfer the business, perhaps through a sale, when the time is right.

Nelli and Harvey had a good upbringing, yet they were never really taught the topics and concepts shared in this book. As they often say: “Reading the business section of newspapers is like reading a foreign language.” Understanding the basics of budgets, financial statements, and other topics will be part of their journey, and yours. This is the book we wish we had 30 years ago as we entered business.

Jeff Rasmussen:
Lou Banach:

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