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Mark Ahn’s emerging trends in life sciences entrepreneurship

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Mark Ahn

Mark Ahn, Ph.D. is Principal at Pukana Partners, Ltd. that provides strategic consulting to life science companies joins Enterprise Radio. Mark also serves on public and private boards of directors in biotech companies.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Mark Ahn discuss the following:

  • What’s new in entrepreneurship?
  • Who should be concerned about start up activity?
  • We’ve discussed entrepreneurship in general, what’s different about life sciences entrepreneurship?
  • What new approaches are emerging in life sciences entrepreneurship?

Duration: 15:21

Mark Ahn is accomplished in the biotech industry and earned his PhD in Business Administration doing his dissertation on the biotech industry in China. Mark Ahn’s expertise lies on the business side of the biotechnology and has been a very influential thought leader on the subject of efficient management in biotech companies. His consulting company, Pukana Partners, provides small and large biotech companies on strategic direction and value creation.

Mark Ahn began his biotech career at industry leader Amgen, where he held posts at headquarters in Thousand Oaks, CA and Asia Pacific. Ahn also worked for other major players in the biotech industry in immunology and oncology such as Bristol-Myers Squib Company, as well as Vice-President of Hematology for Genentech.

In 2003, Mark Ahn decided to move to into bioentrepreneurship. Ahn founded and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Hana Biosciences which was eventually acquired by Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, and started Pukana Partners shortly thereafter.

Pukana Partners


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