Easy Ways TikTok Can Impact Your Business

If you have just started a new, small-scale business and you want to market your brand without paying exceptionally high advertising costs, TikTok is your best bet. TikTok stats show that with over 500 million monthly users, social media users’ engagement rate is elevating on TikTok more than any other platform. As it just requires a smartphone to curate a creative video, you don’t need to spend much on high-end equipment and software. Although growing your followers organically with the help of TikTok growth service tools is an easy and effective way to increase your brand’s reach on TikTok, however, the following ways can help you with your small business too:

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Use the Relevant Hashtags

As the hashtags are included in the caption and the caption has a character limit, so you have to be thoughtful about the limited hashtags that you’re going to use for your small business. You can create your own hashtag, which would help you stand out among the others, and whenever your customers will either use or wear your product so they can use the hashtag to increase your goodwill.

You can use other “relevant and appropriate” hashtags as well. Using irrelevant hashtags won’t catch the eye of the right audience. So it’s always better to first do your research. You can type the hashtag that you’re thinking to use in the search bar and see what search results automatically pop up. Try to use them so your brand videos appear in the hashtag search results.

User-Generated Content

If your customers wear or use your product, ask them to make a video about it. This way, their followers will get to know about your brand. It is a great TikTok marketing strategy that will help your small business pitch sales.

Major brands like Nike use this strategy. Plenty of users make a video of themselves while wearing their Nikes, painting their Nikes, and even dancing in them. This allows a brand to reach more people without even paying the users. How spectacular are the benefits of getting TikTok followers.

However, your small business can’t solely rely on this strategy as you won’t be having a higher reach but it will definitely help your business grow.

Consider Influencer Marketing   

You need to search for influencers relevant to your niche. You obviously can’t approach a video game influencer to talk about your beauty brand as this won’t suit their personality and their followers won’t be really interested as well. Once you find a relevant TikTok influencer, you can DM them to talk about your product or even post about it in their video. This will allow you to grab their large audience and help you make some dollars.

Advertise Your Brand

TikTok is all about fun and being creative. TikTok users aren’t really into boring, super-informative videos. If you are a fitness influencer and you recently launched dope gym wear, you can make a small video of your morning routine and tell your followers that you’re wearing this brand in a subtle way.

Now don’t always keep talking about your brand as people may get bored and you may start sounding too sales-y. Keep a fine balance between them and find to tell an engaging story using products that relate to your business.

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