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E-Commerce the Big Game

Posted: October 13, 2018 at 12:34 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Over the past few decades one of the biggest revolution this World has seen in anything is the information technology and the telecommunication. The pace at which the networking systems have grown is outstanding. And now we are living in an age of digital world with so many things and service just a touch away. This revolution in technology has not only served the purpose of networking itself but has also paved the way for so many things associated with it like services. Business, healthcare, aviation and Education etc. And the result as we see around is outstanding and the collective outcome has revolutionized our daily lives. 

Business and trading

Let’s take the example of the business and trading here. In the past there used to be big marketplaces in metropolitans where sellers and buyers used to gather and do the business in wholesales and retailing. There were lots of hassles in this process. But now this marketplace virtually exists everywhere and you can do business and trading anywhere at any time with an even bigger pool of customers. The idea of E-commerce is huge and it has totally changed the business and trading. Now you can buy and sell your stuff through your smartphones with just a few clicks and payments are also done online. It has surely uplifted the small sector businesses who now don’t need investments to buy shops etc. and can easily sell their products online.

The E-Commerce has made people rich like millionaires and billionaires  over last decade like Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Jack Ma of Ali Baba both companies are the biggest E-commerce companies in the world at present time and facilitating consumers and traders from around the globe.

Entrepreneurships and Start-Ups:
Where the networking has paved way for blooming of bigger sectors around the world it has also opened paths for the youth to put forward their ideas and execute them at smaller local levels, which may grow into even bigger things sometimes, remember the Facebook which was created in a dorm of Harvard University in US and now stands at one of the biggest companies in the World in mere 12 years.

The idea of Start-ups and entrepreneurships has grown in recent years with advent of smartphones and application systems. The Start-Ups places and incubation centers have opened and idea is that people gather at a common place and share their ideas, collectively work on them and bring out a product i.e. Apps and games etc.

So now if you are a software engineer just finished the college and has some idea to develop an app where people can share their Resume/CVs online with a video and you make a bridge between them and HR departments of Multinational companies. All you need is to develop an online app and a website. When gradually your start-up grows you can bring in people who are from other fields like web designing, Photography and Business and accounting to take up various departments of the Startup so that it turns out to be even bigger. And when you start making money and have to pay the employees, since it’s a digital age we live in, this task will be taken care of by online pay stubs while you keep focusing on the growth of your business. Overall we see the different services of online networking coming together at a place and helping a person to bring forward its ideas and share it with the World. Hence we see today that there are millions of Apps and Websites and Startups around the World making our lives much easier. And as I am writing this last sentence my Pizza arrived which I ordered from the online food app.  

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