Angkas feature on EPN - based in the Philippines, a leading app-based ride-hailing service

Dubbed the Uber for motorcycles in the Philippines

George Royeca CEO of Angkas

George Royeca the CEO of Angkas based in the Philippines, a leading app-based ride-hailing service in the country with more than 30,000 bikers joins Enterprise Radio. Over the next 10 years, he wants to create millions more jobs for over 18 million motorcycle owners in the country. He’s helping pioneer the motorcycle taxi business in his country.

Listento hostEric Dye & guest George Royeca discuss the following:

  1. Can you talk to our audience about your company Angkas. What inspired you to start the company? Why did you feel there was a need for this type of transportation business in the Philippines?
  2. Can you talk about how you recruit and train your riders and how that process works?
  3. As you created your company, which folks call the uber for motorcycles/bikes, did you use or learn from other transportation services around the world?
  4. You mentioned that you aim to create a million jobs through your company over the next few years. Can you discuss how the economic opportunities and jobs like yours would create? Being a driver in the transportation business, you are your own entrepreneur as you pick up and drop off passengers. Can you talk about the socio-economic aspect and the idea of financial empowerment in the community? What an impact there in your area….
  5. Has your government been supportive of your business or do you work with them in any way in recruiting employees or doing programs to expand the business and so your transportation services are available around the country?
  6. You’re a successful entrepreneur and have done a lot in your career thus far. Can you discuss what inspired you to become an entrepreneur and start your own business?
  7. I know that your wife Angeline Tham is a co-founder at Angkas and involved with the business as well. Can you discuss her influence on the business and working together with your partner?
  8. In terms of being an entrepreneur, do you have any advice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business? What advice do you have for your audience based on your experiences?

George is a staunch advocate of inclusive mobility and sustainable transport, a champion of local brands, and an award-winning visual storyteller. He is the CEO and Chief Transport Advocate of Angkas, the leading app-based ride-hailing service in the Philippines with over four (4) million downloads and 30,000 biker-partners.

George also co-lead the highly regarded private sector consumer campaign in collaboration with the Inter Agency Task Force against Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) called Ingat Angat Tayong Lahat. This campaign brought together the largest brands and corporations in the country in an overwhelming display of unity to boost consumer confidence for economic recovery.

George is also the founder of Group of Five Creative Concepts, an award-winning content company that has garnered local and international awards such as the SOPA, Boomerang, Anvils, and the Asian Digital Media Awards, to name a few.

A TOYM Awardee of the 2020 “Pandemic batch”, a passionate advocate and an innovative entrepreneur, George has always been at the forefront of movements that fight for the rights of millions of motorcycle riders and commuters in the Philippines.

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