Dropping a Promising Career with Edward Chang

Edward Chang

From medical massage therapist just about to go in for med school, now lifestyle entrepreneur helping people break the ceiling on their success Edward Chang joins Enterprise Radio to discuss his journey. Edward provides the new perspective for entrepreneurs, breaking the norm, and making a change.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is working in conjunction with the Coaching Channel.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Edward Chang discuss the following:

  • Many people want to start their own business but are afraid to let go of their current job or career path. What made you change from medicine into entrepreneurship?
  • Were other people disappointed in you when you left your previous career path?
  • Did it bring up doubts for you as a young entrepreneur?
  • What would you recommend people do or say when they encounter resistance toward entrepreneurship?
  • Where do you foresee your company heading in the near future?

Edward Chang is successful entrepreneur based in Irvine, CA. Owning a neuromuscular massage therapy business, he is proud to have helped many people – a success he attributes to taking a very personalized approach with his clients. In addition to being an active entrepreneur, he is also a personal trainer and actor.

Edward’s start in business “assistant coaching” began when a few friends who were paying lots of money for business coaching from top coaches, were having difficulty “sticking with” or implementing what they learned. Always eager to help, Edward began helping them stay on track. This ensured that they were getting the most out of their coaching programs!

Edward has combined his knowledge from personal training, acting, massage therapy, and business to craft a program that SUPPLEMENTS the core training provided by the larger coaching programs. It’s these concepts and practices that Edward wants to bring to your life, to maximize your “business potential and gains.”


Website: www.changedwards.com

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