Does your business qualify for the Employee Retention Credit Program to help recovery from the pandemic?

Greg Ross-Smith, the Chief Marketing Officer of ERC Helpdesk, a company that helps businesses small and large work through the Employee Retention Credit Program that provides pandemic relief to qualifying businesses who kept employees on board joins Enterprise Radio.For more interesting financial news podcast join exclusive enterprise podcast program.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Greg Ross-Smith discuss the following:

  1. What is the Employee Retention Credit ERC program?
  2. Who is eligible for the ERC program?
  3. Is there a charge to work with a company like ERC Helpdesk to see if you qualify for the ERC program?
  4. Are we talking about hundreds or thousands of businesses who could qualify for the program?
  5. It seems like there are many players that claim to assist with the ERC process. How is ERC Helpdesk different and what sets you apart?

Ex Silicon Valley product manager and marketer – Greg founded a Digital marketing agency during Covid as a result of the frustration of seeing local businesses (important wealth & employment generators for our economy) not getting the same treatment, opportunities & support that large businesses were receiving to stave off the hardships of surviving through Covid shutdowns. Greg now gives all his focus to the mission helping local businesses survive and thrive by educating on, and enabling access to crucial ERC funds.



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