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Do You Know How Much SEO Can Help Your Brand’s Website?

Posted: May 2, 2020 at 4:30 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Many brand managers still don’t realise how the processes of SEO need to be maintained over the long-term to enable your website to continue to perform as it should.

Search Engine Optimisation was coined as the term for agencies that keep websites up-to-date in terms of the ever-changing algorithm of Google’s search engine. It’s essential to understand the job these agencies perform to know why you need to partner with one of them.

As the internet kept maturing and evolved into a primary platform for business (e-commerce), different practices employed over the internet offered an unfair advantage to some companies. Google is continually updating its search engine to try and negate these unfair practices and maintain as level a playing field as they can.

This continual updating of the search engine can, over time, have a negative effect on even the most well-developed website. If your well-developed website is not in compliance with the latest change from Google, it will rank lower than your competitors. However, by using the skills and experience of an SEO agency on a continual basis, these updates will be no more than a small bump in the road.

Winning the Race

Think of your website as being a race car. You may have spent a lot of time and money to build the best race car possible and one that won the race consistently when it was first built. But over time, track conditions (Google) may change, and better race cars (your competitors) may be built that cause your car to start losing races.

An SEO agency is like the team of mechanics that built your car. Unless you keep partnering with the team and allow them to keep your race car tuned up and able to deal with the track conditions and compete with other cars on the track, you’re going to continue to lose the race every time. But by getting an experienced team to be adjusting the car continually, it will be back up in the front of the pack.

The Value of Experience

Most SEO agencies have vast experience and keep their fingers on the pulse of every change that Google announces. They generally are in contact with regional offices of Google and enjoy a symbiotic working relationship.

Their long-term experience in being able to interpret the changes made by Google and adjust your website to take the best advantage of the changes is what makes their experience so valuable to a brand. Especially if your website is your brand’s primary sales and marketing channel.

Giving Your Brand an Edge

The SEO agency also provides reports on your website’s performance that allow you to adjust your sales and marketing strategies and campaigns on an ongoing basis.

These reports utilise powerful analytical tools to deliver a treasure trove of valuable data that you can use to evaluate your brand’s performance against your competitors, and how well you are serving your customers.

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