Disrupting the way companies receive legal and consulting services

Mellissa Larkin, the CEO and Founder of Peripheral Blue, a company that is disrupting the way companies receive legal and consulting services joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Mellissa Larkin discuss the following:

  1. As a Founder of Peripheral Blue, could you give us a brief run down on your career prior to launching the company?
  2. Company culture is important to Peripheral Blue, how have you made sure the right processes are in place to nurture a strong company culture where your team feels supported?
  3. What has been the pain point you have solved for companies requiring legal and consulting work?
  4. How have you approached maintaining balance while still being innovative in what is still a very conservative industry?
  5. What would your advice be to other women, who are perhaps law grads, about to navigate the legal industry?

Mellissa Larkin always wanted to be a lawyer and prior to establishing Peripheral Blue in 2016, Mellissa worked for many years in international and premier firms in Australia and Ireland and in-house with large corporations.

Mellissa has a broad skill set, combining the expertise developed in top-tier law firms including training as a mediator, paired with the best qualities and experience of an in-house lawyer. After nearly 20 years in the industry, Mellissa still loved being a lawyer but realised the traditional legal model was broken – there had to be a better way

In 2016 she founded Peripheral Blue Legal and Peripheral Blue Consulting with the aim of creating a company that would make a difference – to its clients’ businesses, to their experience with legal and consulting services, and to the services industry itself.

Peripheral Blue Legal and Peripheral Blue Consulting are a law firm and a consulting firm with a difference. We offer flexible, cost-efficient and collaborative services for businesses, in-house legal teams and law firms. 


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