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Display Week 2021 – a Virtual Event on May 17-21

Posted: March 11, 2021 at 5:52 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dr. Radu Reit, Chair of the Marketing Committee at the Society for Information Display (SID) again joins Enterprise Radio. Display Week is the world’s leading event focused on emerging electronic display and visual information technologies – their advancement, integration into products, and commercialization.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Radu Reit discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about Display Week 2021 and who would be most interested in the show? 
  2. The pandemic has shifted the way we think of global conferences and events. Last year was your first virtual Display Week. What were some key takeaways and what will you expand upon this year to ensure success? 
  3. What is new for 2021? 
  4. Any new markets this year? 
  5. Talk to us about the CEO Forum and Women in Tech. What is the focus of those two events and whom would benefit from attending those sessions?  
  6. You talk a lot about display trends. What are some of the trends you are seeing this year in terms of displays? 
  7. This is an international show. People are coming from all over the country. Do you feel it is easier to get an international audience when the show is virtual and what are some of the countries you have attendance from? 
  8. In terms of exhibitors that want to exhibit in the show, when should they contact you?  
  9. Can you get your ticket during the week of the show itself or should you get it ahead of time?
  10. If a participant happens to miss a session, will the content live on-line or where can they go to view it? 
  11. How can one register for Display Week 2021? 

Dr. Radu Reit is the Chair of the Marketing Committee at the Society for Information Display (SID). SID provides a unique platform for industry collaboration, communication, and training in all related technologies while showcasing the industry’s best new products. Display Week 2021 will be held May 17-21, 2021 as a virtual event.


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