Diamonds International and the Amazing Crown of Light Diamond

Lauren Strachan, Director of Port Revenue for Diamonds International and  Crown of Light, one of the largest tax and duty free retailers in the world joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Lauren Strachan discuss the following:

  1. Please tell us where you were born, raised, and schooled; and how you got into the travel business.
  2. What is Diamonds International?
  3. Why is the purchasing jewelry at port stores so important?
  4. What should consumers buy at port stores when they travel versus jewelers at home and why?
  5. What should travelers be wary of when shopping for jewelry at ports when they travel?
  6. Is buying jewelry at cruise ports very popular? Do buyers get a good deal?
  7. What are the most purchased items at Diamonds International stores and why?
  8. What is  your role as Director of Port Revenue for Diamonds International?
  9. I understand you have a Branded Diamond that is mined and cut in Namibia Africa – please share.
  10. I also understand Diamonds International and Crown of Light is instrumental in social responsibility and giving back. Can you touch on some of what you do?

Lauren Strachan has been in the cruise and travel industry for over 12 years. She began her career working on cruise ships themselves as a Port and Shopping Guide where she visited several ports of call every week representing luxury brands and retailers, and is now Director of Port Revenue for one of the largest tax and duty free retailers in the world, Diamonds International. Her position takes her throughout the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska as well as on almost every cruise line on the high seas.

Diamonds International

By combining fine jewelry with the warmth and spirit of the Caribbean, Diamonds International has redefined customers’ luxury shopping experience.  With over 120 stores, Diamonds International is the largest tax and duty free watch and jewelry retailer in the Caribbean and other cruise destinations. Whether shopping for sparkling diamonds, vibrant gemstones or luxury watches  our customers walk away with more than a piece of jewelry – they leave with a memory. Family run since 1988, Diamonds International has created and shared vacation memories with millions of customers.

We invite you to learn more about us at or to join the Diamonds International family at any of our store locations. 

Crown of Light 

Whether is the shimmer of the sunlight on the water or the twinkle of a star, the moments that become memories always have a special sparkle about them.  No diamond captures the sparkle of these moments like a Crown of Light diamond. For decades, successful brands tried to differentiate their diamonds by focusing on small features while still using the same generic cut,.  However, none have been able capture the true sparkle of a diamond until the Crown of Light diamond The patented Crown of Light diamond features an innovative dome shaped design that creates more sparkle than any other diamond. As one of the top selling diamond brands in the world, millions of  customers have celebrated the sparkle of memories with the sparkle of the Crown of Light diamonds. Once you have seen the Crown of Light, everything else seems dim.

We invite you to learn more about us at or see the difference for yourself in our stores. |

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