Dental implants abroad – is it really worth your time?

Dental tourism is a growing trend that allows combining traveling with using medical assistance. What is behind its increasing popularity? How much can you save when using foreign dental services? Check below!

Among the different branches of tourism, the medical one is developing in the most dynamic way. There are few reasons; among them, the economical gap between the states resulting in pricing differences. In Europe, it is not uncommon to pay half for the same service after crossing the border with the neighbouring country.

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Germany and Poland’s case could be an illustrative example. Many Germans – particularly those that live relatively close to the border – visit Poland to use medical services. The reason is simple – they are much cheaper. There, they can take care of their health at a lower cost without compromising the quality of the service. Polish medical professionals are known to be qualified and skilled. That refers particularly to the dental services that attract the highest number of clients.

Dental tourism – why is it on the rise?

Taking care of teeth can be costly, especially if it requires refilling or cleaning the root canal. At the same time, in many European countries, the cost of more complex and advanced dental treatments – not to even mention implants – is not covered by the national health insurance. Thus, patients are often forced to cover these expenses from their own pocket, even though they are entitled to a national healthcare fund.

No wonder why many of them try to find a way to save on the service by searching for cheaper alternatives in the neighbouring countries or even further. The cost of having dental implants abroad can be twice or even three times lower than in your home country. In the most extreme cases, the price can be even one-tenth of what you would pay for the same service. Example? American citizens that go to South American countries known for a well-developed healthcare system, just as Ecuador, can count for such a difference in pricing.

Dental implants abroad – advantages

There are numerous benefits of choosing to have your dental implants done abroad. Among them:

  • Financial benefits – you pay less for the same service
  • Ability to select the most qualified professionals – some implant specialists are known outside the country for their five-star services
  • Opportunity to combine self-care with traveling – having a dental visit abroad is a good excuse for some weekend city-break or longer vacation.

Dental tourism in Europe – which countries should you take into consideration?

The prices of dental services in Western Europe, particularly in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries, can be high. Where will you find cheaper options and the best quality of services?

  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic
  • Italy

Dental centres in these countries are known for the best price-quality ratio in Europe. However, there are some differences in the scope and quality of services between medical centres. To make sure you will receive a great treatment, consider using the services of dental tourism agencies that cooperate with the best professionals.

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