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Demystifying Business Communications

Posted: November 10, 2020 at 4:22 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

David Liu, Founder and CEO of Deltapath, the leading unified communications company joins Enterprise Radio to break down the best phone systems and technology for managing a global or remote workforce.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest David Liu discuss the following:

  1. Deltapath is a Unified Communications company, many businesses are using Unified Communications for their business communication strategy and have no idea – can you tell us what Unified Communications is?
  2. Now more than ever, businesses are looking to develop a remote workforce in order to continue operations during the pandemic. When setting your operations up for a remote workforce, where should businesses start?
  3. At the start of the pandemic, most companies planned to work remotely only in the short-term. However, many businesses are seeing remote workforces can be successful and are viewing this as the “new normal”. How can businesses implement a unified communication system that plans for a growth strategy rather than looking at it as a temporary solution?
  4. How can businesses create a virtual environment that fosters teamwork and collaboration?
  5. Deltapath has been managing a global workforce long before it was mainstream, what advice do you have for other business owners to help their teams transition?

Experience the Communication You Only Imagined

Deltapath liberates organizations from the barriers that prevent effective communication and revolutionizes the way organizations communicate through innovative technologies that meet the needs and the wants of organizations.

We specialize in solutions that unite different communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops, and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive.

It is our belief that every solution should embody simplicity and offer users the right form of communication for the right occasion, right at their fingertips.


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