Decentralized marketplaces and how your business can capitalize on the Future of Work 2.0

David Sneider, CEO and Co-Founder at Deconet,  a commerce portal for coders, and blockchain powered marketplace for software and development joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest David Sneider discuss the following:

  1. What is Deconet?
  2. Why did you start the company? What market need does it address?
  3. Deconet is described as a marketplace. Who are the stakeholders in this marketplace, what roles do they play and how do they benefit?
  4. Marketplaces often give rise to new ways of working, for example side-gigging. How do you see this trend evolving?
  5. What does the future of work look like for businesses? How can they leverage the power of emerging workforces or economic actors like DAOs?
  6. Deconet is a blockchain powered platform. What is the importance of blockchain to the Deconet platform?
  7. For someone new to the concept of new forms of labor forces like distributed co-ops or, individual actors, what are some simple ways they can use (and benefit) from this structure?
  8. If you could give a business owner one piece of advice about how they can keep up with the future of work and the rise of decentralized marketplaces, what would that be?

David Sneider is the  CEO and Co-Founder of Deconet, a commerce platform for coding and blockchain-powered marketplace for software and development. David is a serial entrepreneur and also founded successful companies including Sendbloom.  David’s interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain is rooted in the ability to create new types of positive sum games. He brings his operational expertise and a deep understanding of customer needs and motivations to the Deconet team. He’s committed to reaching out, asking smart questions, and really getting to the heart of user’s problems.

In this podcast, David discusses the concept of new types of organizations, economic actors and labor classes that are emerging thanks to the rise of decentralized marketplaces. He also looks at how this new wave of value creators will impact current organizations and how businesses can leverage this trend to their advantage.


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