Dear Entrepreneurs: Stress Isn’t Worth It

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest stresses is running your own business. Sure, there is freedom in setting your own schedule and working for yourself. It is certainly liberating knowing that no one can actually fire you. Plus, if you have a good idea–and the right work ethic–you can definitely make a great income.

On the other hand, it is time consuming running the business on your own. It takes many days and nights of work–even when you don’t feel like it. You will need breaks to ponder what you have accomplished and what is on the horizon. One way to schedule some “me” time is by vaping with a vape hardware kit. Focusing on inhaling and exhaling can do a lot to help you feel better and more composed.

It can be exhausting

Even on your best days, running a business can be overwhelming and stressful. Many times, you might ask yourself if it is really worth it, and if you should just get a “real job.” Plus, you’re only human. There is just so much out of your control–which, can cause you to worry. You worry about items such as:

  • Making payroll
  • Paying the bills
  • Finding new customers
  • Marketing

You can always give it your best effort, but you still can’t control the outcome. Not to mention, worry leads to doubt and doubt makes you feel as if you’re being crushed. Soon, you start to wonder if you have what it takes to run your own business.

During these negative thoughts, you might just need to vape and realize that you work is showing results. Vaping is healthier than cigarettes. So, instead of having worry run circles through your mind–vaping gives you something else to do. It changes your perspective because you are now engaging in a different activity.

Write it down

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t a walk in the park. Many highly-intelligent individuals have tried and failed. Yet, stress will only take away from your potential success. So, write down what is causing you worry. Then, next to each item ask this question: “Is there anything I can do to change this from being stressful to an accomplishment? Is this something I can control?”

You’ll soon see that stress is a waste of your time. It leads to exhaustion and unnecessary burn out because you’ve already decided you’re out of the game. Don’t let stress take you out before you’re ready.

Why do you continue?

If running your own business is so stressful, why do you keep doing it? Probably because you do enjoy it, you do great work and your clients are happy. All it takes is a bit of balance, such as taking time out for yourself with a stress-relieving activity like vaping. There isn’t a perfect work-life balance–but there are balances you can make.

You might also do it for your family; to help give them more opportunities in life. When you are feeling worried and stressed out, think of all the reasons why you started your business in the first place. Remember the joy you felt when you finally made it happened. Focus on that instead of the things you can’t control.

It’s never easy running a business. Still, focusing on the rewards—and taking time for yourself—will make it all worth it.

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