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Posted: February 2, 2013 at 4:56 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Barry Kaye, the President and Founder of DadsPlan LLC joins Enterprise Radio. They recently Beta launched, a new social utility aiming to reinvent event planning, restructure online business promotions and revision contributed content for it’s members.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Barry Kaye discuss the following:

  • Why the name “DadsPlan”?
  • What is DadsPlan, what is the premise?
  • Can you explain these services, and why do you feel these areas need Attention?
  • What was your incentive for starting DadsPlan? (why did you start DadsPlan?)
  • Where do you see the future of DadsPlan?

Duration: 10:06

DadsPlan is an innovative new social utility that let’s guys better organize their activities and keep their schedules in check. The site is not a social network, blog or place for simple information exchange. DadsPlan is designed to foster better social avenues both on and off line, as well as handle the business needs of men with a purpose and a plan. Members will enjoy not yet seen capabilities for organizing and attending events, track social calendars, find relevant, engaging and unexpected content, and be offered customized, budget conscious, business promotion services. For those looking for new interactive outlets and a place to organize memorable social, non-profit or business events, this site is an incredible new tool. Content bent towards dads shows our appreciation of dads, but all members will benefit from the services and utility DadsPlan offers.

DadsPlan has a simple mission; improve offline experiences with better online services. We focus on event planning, content, and business promotion services. So far, this mission has been welcomed with tremendous success and has garnered consistent growth leading to almost 30,000 followers and 15,000 friends currently receiving regular social media messages and updates.

The dad behind DadsPlan is founder Barry Kaye, a married father of two grade schoolers who balances being a full time family man, duties as a computer specialist, and other passions as a drummer, classic car enthusiast and a community supporter and organizer. Barry also strives for healthy living, a continued education, green goals and striking that balance between domestic tranquility and a vibrant social life. Experienced at organizing for friends, he became flustered at limitations. His vision for enhancement was the seed for DadsPlan. Now this online brand is here to show this vision and help everyone better their own personal experiences with his online services.

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