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Customer service, word of mouth advertising and relationship marketing

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Desley Cowley

Community Solutions Strategist and Professional Speaker Desley Cowley again joins Enterprise Radio with special guest Lee Cummins to provide tips on customer service, word of mouth advertising and relationship marketing.

Her online business, Spruiker Hire, is an innovative and unique national talent directory designed specifically to help retailers and shopping centres find quality short term retail talent.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with eAustralia, our Australian entrepreneurs & business owners.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Desley Cowley discuss the following:

  • Desley, tell us a little bit about Lee and why you invited her to join us on this  episode?
  • Lee, you have a varied background in retail, wholesaling and the corporate sectors, tell us a little bit about your background?
  • How can businesses deliver a good or great customer experience to their business?
  • You mentioned follow up and follow through, is that with all types of business?
  • Speaking of word of mouth advertising,  how can we get our customers to become our cheerleaders?
  • What is relationship marketing and can you give us one or two examples to demonstrate?

Desley Cowley is a transformational whole of community solutions strategist, retail leasing and marketing advisor, speaker, trainer and facilitator who specialises in strengthening connections between retailers and their communities through development of strong strategic partnerships.

As founding business owner of Spruiker Hire, a national online retail training and talent directory, Desley Cowley has developed an innovative and unique online product that is designed to make it easier for the retail industry to source and train quality short term retail talent.

A property investor herself, she holds a current Queensland Real Estate Agents’ licence, has been managing shopping centres since 1988 and contributed to the success of more than 400 retailers in 3 states.

Desley provides innovative, whole of community focused, alternative solutions, help and advice on retail lease negotiation, retail marketing and business planning and starting an online business.

She is currently working with Rockhampton’s Dreamtime Cultural Centre on The Dreamtime 30 Year Anniversary Project that will establish a pathway for the centres next exciting 30 years.

She has previously worked with successful indigenous not for profit and for profit organisations in Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Alice Springs and is interested in partnership projects that provide meaningful indigenous outcomes to benefit all Australians through cultural engagement and awareness.

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Twitter: @SpruikerHire

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