Creating Deliciously Smart Snacks

James Vas Dias, the Vice President of Sales for Genius Gourmet, makers of deliciously smart keto snacks joins Enterprise Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest James Vas Dias discuss the following:

  1. By way of background, tell us the story of Genius Gourmet
  2. What principles inspire Genius Gourmet as a brand, in terms of products, ingredients, and packaging?
  3. Genius Gourmet also offers a military discount. For the benefit of our listeners, some of whom are active military or spouses of active military, tell us about this program.
  4. Regarding keto-centric products, why is it important to be so precise about calories and protein?
  5. Finally, what takeaway do you want people to remember about Genius Gourmet?

Genius Gourmet produces “Deliciously Smart Keto Snacks”—including shakes, bars, supplements, and chips. Featuring all-natural ingredients, along with a Keto Calculator to track weight loss and maintain nutrition, Genius Gourmet combines great taste with smart packaging.


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