Create A Life Of Deep Fulfillment In An Ever-Changing World

Stephen Shaw, a Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, Energy Healer, Shaman, Body-Mind-Spirit and Transcendent Life Coach, and Tantra Master joins Enterprise Fit Radio. He is also the author of 12 bestselling mystical books mystical books that reveal the secrets for deep love, profound healing, joyful living and spiritual transcendence.

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Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Stephen Shaw discuss the following:

  1. How do you create a life of deep fulfillment in an ever-changing world?
  2. You say “focus on what really matters in life”. In your experience, what really matters?
  3. Tell me more about creating your dream life.
  4. Is it true you wrote a sci-fi trilogy too?
  5. You mentioned working with shamans? What did you learn?
  6. Are you living your dream life?

Stephen Shaw is a Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, Energy Healer, Shaman, Body-Mind-Spirit and Transcendent Life Coach, and Tantra Master. His 12 bestselling mystical books offer teachings, guidance, pointers, tips and techniques to raise individual consciousness, increase fulfilment, peace and joy, stimulate spiritual awakening, and create a dream life.

In his youth, Stephen Shaw, who grew up in South Africa, began having unusual experiences, including clairvoyance. By the time he was 15, he committed himself to fully explore Spirituality to find the answers to life’s most critical questions. Heavily influenced by the pragmatism of his father, he journeyed deep into all aspects of life, including military service, university, marriage and running a business. By the age of 39, he realized that his current life wasn’t enough. He still sought Answers.

He then gave up everything he knew, including his business and marriage, and spent the next decade learning from shamans in Africa, Peru and Mexico, lamas in Tibet and Bhutan, and more spiritual guides, until he found what he was seeking: Who We Really Are, the True Nature of Life, and how to Live in Deep Fulfilment, Love and Peace.



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