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Corporate Code: 5 Ways Gift-Giving Can Benefit Your Business

Posted: September 20, 2018 at 7:37 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

In many cultures around the globe, the art of gift-giving is a sign of respect, gratitude and care. This is just as true in the professional sphere as it is in private life. In some countries, exchanging gifts is an integral part of the business process. Whatever the case, a thoughtful token of appreciation can be the perfect way to let a client, colleague or partner know that they are appreciated and valued.

From branded corporate gifts such as notepads, pens, mugs or other items provided at client meetings for your guests to keep afterwards, through to sending treats on your clients’ birthdays, small acts of generosity will create a positive impression and contribute to your business reputation. Unsure of how corporate gift-giving could benefit your business? These five tips will give you an insight into why it’s important and the etiquette behind it:

Build Your Reputation

Corporate gift giving can be a way to reinforce your brand image. Similar to the way you present yourself and your work to clients, your gifts should reflect the reputation you want to uphold. Cheap, tacky gifts will leave an impression that you don’t really care, whereas putting in a little extra effort can go a long way.

Get Your Brand Noticed

Corporate gift-giving is one of the oldest tricks in the book for advertising your business, but you’d be surprised how many don’t utilise the opportunity. While the holiday season is often a given time for this to occur, taking the initiative to exercise generosity outside of the holiday season will be more likely to make an impact. Your offering won’t get lost in the sea of gifts that clients receive as the Christmas celebrations draw near and your thoughtful contribution will be met with gratitude and respect.

Reward Those Doing the Work

Don’t forget your team. These people create the magic that attracts and retains clients, and it’s important to show your appreciation. Whether it’s treating a round of morning coffees, taking the team out to lunch once a month or providing Friday night drinks, your act of gratitude will be well-received by staff and help build respect and trust. Another different action you can do with your employees is to give them a gift, such as any of these fun and unique ideas. Always keep in mind the type of employee and season of the year so that everything goes well.

Build Strong Relationships

Whether you’re giving to long-standing or prospective new clients, the art of corporate gift-giving affirms your professional relationship and can assist in building stronger ties. A thoughtful present to our loved ones on a birthday or other milestone shows that we care and have them in our thoughts. Giving to your business connections will have the same effect and will benefit your all-round partnership by fostering a deeper personal connection that is often missing in today’s age. 

Gift-Giving Etiquette

Whatever the nature of the professional relationship? It’s important to understand the difference between a thoughtful business token and a personal gift. The latter can be deemed inappropriate in a corporate environment, so it’s best to ensure that the kind of gift and the timing and mode of presenting it are in line with professional norms. However, use your gut instinct. You know your client and if you think they would appreciate a gift a little more personal, go for it. Just remember to tread with caution!

Making a statement with corporate gifts is a great way to spread brand awareness and create a lasting impression. Not only will your clients appreciate it in the immediate short-term, but it will positively impact your professional relationship in the long-run. Taking the time to show a little gratitude or appreciation through gift-giving, such as birthdays and the like, shows your business character and builds your professional reputation. 

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