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Alan Watkins

Dr. Alan Watkins, CEO of Complete Coherence, a bespoke performance coaching company that delights in helping leaders, executive teams and multi-national organisations develop themselves and deliver much better results even in tough conditions joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Alan Watkins discuss the following:

  • Your book is entitled ‘Coherence – The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership‘ – what do you mean by coherence?
  • Why do you think people are so loathe to talk about ’emotions’ when it comes to business?  Everyone’s aiming to take the emotion out of business and make much more rational decisions, aren’t they?
  • You talk about not only performing better, but also feeling healthier and younger – is that really achievable?
  • Have you worked with any leaders who are already ‘coherent’ & if so, what kind of leaders are they?
  • Is coherence relevant to people who aren’t leaders? I see you work with sportspeople for example, how do your techniques help them?
  • Clearly the book is full of tips, but what’s the one thing you would advise people listening to do today to begin their journey towards coherence?

Duration: 11:32

Dr. Alan Watkins is recognised as an international expert on leadership and human performance. He has a broad mix of commercial, academic, scientific and technological abilities. Drawing on his background as a physician and neuroscientist he has an ability to integrate different lines of development and scientific advances from many fields. Over the past 15 years he has been a coach and confidant to many of Europe’s top leaders. He is passionate about developing enlightened leadership in the world in multiple market sectors and enabling leaders to make a more meaningful contribution in an increasingly complex world.

Prior to leaving academic medicine Alan worked for 11 years in the health care system in the USA, UK & Australia. He has published a wide variety of scientific papers in various peer reviewed scientific journals, written several book chapters and his own book on Mind Body Medicine was published in 1997. His second book on Leadership is expected to be published in 2013.

Alan founded Complete Coherence Limited (CCL) in 2004 and has worked with numerous executives and their boards. His combination of in depth understanding of how human beings function, learn and develop and his commercial business acumen makes him a robust, challenging developmental coach.

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