The Coffee Cake Connection

Coffeecake Connection Company, a gourmet gluten-free desserts company

Coffecake Connection

Christine Welch, Owner/Founder of The Coffeecake Connection Company, a gourmet gluten-free desserts company for consumer/corporate gifting and wholesale foodservice once again joins EPN and eCommerce Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Christine Welch discuss the following:

  • Since we last spoke, The Coffeecake Connection has gone to 100% gluten-free – What drove those decisions and how has it been going?
  • What have been the advantages to having an online food business?
  • What has been your greatest challenge over the past 3+ years since launching The Coffeecake Connection?
  • What are you doing more of?  Less of? Then when you first started?
  • What advise would you give someone wanting to launch a food related business?

Duration: 15:31

The Coffeecake Connection Company

Christine Welch, Founder of The Coffeecake Connection Company has experience in growing businesses from the ground up. A life-long sales professional and entrepreneur, Christine identified early on that connecting with customers on a deeper level is key to success. This is the third business Christine has launched. Her corporate career spanned areas in Employment Search, Technology/Training, and last in Business Process Outsourcing as a Regional Vice President of Account Manager. Her last corporate job gave her an “intrapreneurial” opportunity (creating new revenue generating business unit within the company) specific to retention and growth of revenue streams for small businesses with combined revenues of over $30M. Christine built her success by going the extra mile for her customers and following her fathers’ advice, “never ask anyone who works for you to something you won’t do yourself “ and “always be honest even if it costs you the business”.

In 2011, The Coffeecake Connection Company was born, realizing Christine’s life-long dream of baking and selling her “signature” gourmet coffee cake. The company focus was to bring to market an all-natural, great tasting product to help facilitate connections personally and professionally with great tasting desserts.

In 2013 the company introduced gluten-free versions of their coffee cake line and added gluten-free cookies and brownies to their sweet treat offerings.

This year, The Coffeecake Connection Company is now 100% certified gluten-free, nut-free and preservative free with an online ecommerce store for consumers and corporate gifting and direct sales to the foodservice industry. Our product line has expanded to offer both finished baked goods and a frozen ready-to-bake batters and cookie dough.
Christine is passionate about volunteering; charitable giving and helping others succeed.

The core of The Coffeecake Connection Company reflects those values.

Our website is or you can call 888-940-2253 for more information on gifting, fund raising or wholesale ready-to-serve programs.

The Coffee Cake Connection


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