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Benedict Coulter

Benedict Coulter, one of the founders of a new app called Baby’s Brilliant, that provides educational and entertaining content for babies and toddlers in digital format once again joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Benedict Coulter discuss the following:

  • Can you remind our listeners about why Baby’s Brilliant was created and what ages are the apps designed for?
  • What can you tell us about the design of the app?
  • You talked last time about how the apps help military families. With April being autism month, can you tell us how they help autistic children as well and what are the overall benefits?
  • You also recently came out with a book. Tell us about this if you would.
  • How many downloads have you had?
  • Are there plans to expand the app?

Duration: 13:02

Benedict Coulter is a highly accomplished, award-winning creative advertising executive who 
co-founded and led one of Hollywood’s most highly respected creative agencies, Trailer Park.
Benedict’s expertise goes far beyond editing and producing hundreds of trailers. His unique and trail blazing marketing and branding strategies have been integral to the phenomenal success of some of the biggest and best motion pictures of all time. Benedict is known in the industry as one of the savviest business entrepreneurs in the creative space. His commitment to providing clients with superior creative and nurturing filmmaker relationships has been his ‘mantra’ his entire career.

In addition to film, Benedict also has close ties to some of the most successful musicians in history. He collaborated directly with The Beatles for years, and created a number of marketing materials for the band, including The Beatles Anthology, One , Let it Be…Naked, among many others, and also created trailers for U2, Prince and The Rolling Stones.

He received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival for his contribution to the motion picture industry. In 2014, Benedict and his wife Ulli launched Baby’s Brilliant, an innovative company providing educational and entertaining content for babies and toddlers, in a digital format. 
Drawing from his vast cinematic and musical experience, he helped her create a multitude of visual and musical experiences, for babies and toddlers, in multiple languages. They formatted all the content for tablets and smartphones, and designed and produced an App that would make it all instantly available, anywhere in the world.

In partnership with Apple and iTunes, all Videos, Music and Night Lights are downloadable to iPhones and iPads with the Baby’s Brilliant app and the Android version will be available soon.

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