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Choose The Perfect Church Hat With These Steps

Posted: September 7, 2019 at 1:44 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Wearing a Church Hat while performing in church services has been a traditional thing women have been doing for over centuries. In addition to being a historical thing, church hats can help you look more elegant and pretty while respecting your religious practices at the same time. Also, a hat can say a lot of things about its owner, including his persona, personal choices and his respect for the almighty God.

Wearing a well chosen quality hat to the church has, for long, been considered a symbol of elegance, and the habit has successfully passed down from generations to generations to keep the trend alive. You too can include a nice collection of carefully chosen hats with every church outfit to show your class.

Church hats come in a variety of colors, designs and materials to choose from, and your choice would go a long way in determining your social status, so, follow the below mentioned steps on how to choose the perfect church hat.

Some General Rules

Although there are a literally tens of different types of church hats for you to choose from, but still, there are certain that your must follow especially when looking to buy a church hat to include in your collection. Here are some general rules that you must follow.

  • To keep your face visible while you offer the prayers, make sure you don’t buy a hat which is wider than your shoulders, because this way the hat can cover your face, making it difficult for the people to recognize you.
  • To up your church hat game, try and buy the hats which are lighter in color than most of your church outfits, this psychological trick would make you look more energetic and positive.
  • Whether the hat came with your church outfit or not, it should immediately be replaces if it wears out, because not doing so would ruin your overall look.
  • Make sure you buy a lot of differently colored and sized church hats to match all of your church outfits. This can help you dress up for every occasion and different weathers.
  • Choose a hat color or design that compliments the other accessories worn by you, because if you fail to match everything correctly, all of your efforts can go in vain.
  • Church service is a highly formal event, so, make sure you buy only some good quality formal church hats to avoid disrespecting the religious place by wearing sports stuff.
  • Some hats are also made to compliment certain face shapes, so, consult an expert and buy only appropriate hats as per your face shape.

Personalizing Your Church Hat

If you’re tired of searching for the perfect church hat, and have a definite plan in your mind, than you can simply buy a plain hat and personalize it according to your own preferences. Personalized church hats are way cheaper than some regular branded ones, and you can also display your creativity through this process.

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