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with Hamid Saify

Hamid Saify an Afghan-American entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, CA joins Enterprise Radio. He is currently the CEO & co-founder of

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Hamid Saify discuss the following:

  •  What is ChoicePunch?
  • How did the idea come about?
  • How long after coming up with the idea, that you actually ended up carrying it out?
  • What were you doing prior?
  • How important do you think it is to be passionate about what you are doing for a living?
  • Tell us about your background & where were you born? In U.S.?

Duration: 10:03

Hamid Saify is an Afghan-American entrepreneur living in Los Angeles, CA. He is currently CEO & co-founder of, a personal platform that harnesses the collective goodwill, power, and experience of the community to solve your life’s small & big problems.

Prior to ChoicePunch, Hamid launched two successful e-commerce startups by age 25, Paradigm Gallery ( and Enjoy Your Sleep ( Both had successful exits and Hamid realized he had seen enough of e-commerce.

Hamid’s background is in online marketing, where he’s worked both client and agency side in roles ranging from Director to VP. Hamid’s roster of clients have included notable names like HTC, PlayStation, fresh&easy, Frederick’s of Hollywood, and others.

When he’s not working on ChoicePunch, Hamid enjoys movies, drives alongside the PCH in Los Angeles, food, basketball, and spending time with his wife Bibi.


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