Cheap Ways to Market Your Business Locally

For any small business, especially those which are just starting up, getting known can prove to be a major challenge. After all, there are often many established competitors to deal with. Whilst major companies often have large amounts of money to pump into marketing, this is usually not an option for a smaller business. In light of this, here are some cheap, effective ways you can market your business locally.


It may seem old fashioned, but leaflets are still a great, cost effective way of promoting your business and reaching out to potential customers. One way to do this is to use a service like Leafletdrop, which can create a bespoke leaflet campaign and deliver your unique leaflets to the doors of your potential customers.

To use this method effectively, it is best to present the information about your service or products in a concise, engaging way. This may mean using a colour scheme which chimes with your business, as well as creating a captivating headline which will stick in potential customers’ minds.

Social media

Another incredibly important marketing tool is social media. With the enormous amount of people who use various social media sites on a daily basis, there is a wealth of potential customers who you can advertise to.

One of the best aspects of advertising on social media is that it is completely free. You simply need to write posts which appeal to those viewing them and explain what your business is offering. By doing this, you can reach many people in your local area within an incredibly short period of time, and potentially get people sharing your posts if they like your business.

Word of Mouth

Whilst the main marketing methods can be very effective, nothing beats providing a stellar service and offering high quality products. If you can get customers talking by giving them a truly unforgettable experience, then they are likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

This can help to bring in repeat business and stimulate growth, allowing you to invest in further marketing methods and bring in customers from beyond the local area.

These are just a few of the cheap ways you can advertise to people in your local area with ease. Getting marketing right is a must for those businesses just starting out, so be sure to put the necessary time and effort into finding the methods which are most likely to appeal to your customer base.

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