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Charming Small Towns in California

Posted: September 26, 2019 at 6:23 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

California is one of the largest states by landmass and population in the United States. The state also boasts of having the highest population of international immigrant students in the country, which shows how accommodating the state is to visitors. Since California has a lot of cities that are very popular in the world, a lot of travelers do forget the fact that there are charming towns in California, which is the reason why most towns in California do not have a large number of international travelers that visit them. The Californian state government has carried out a lot of programs over the years to create awareness of towns that should be visited in California to no avail. A lot of international travelers love visiting cities like Los Angeles in California, but they forget to visit charming towns like:

Atherton is one of the most popular towns in California. Atherton town, according to census is populated mostly by well to do people in the society. The town is known for being the most expensive town in California. The reason why this town is known as an expensive town is that the population inhabitants of the town are low due to the high price of residential buildings in the town. For one to buy a building in Atherton town, one must have a credit score of at least 700 which means one must have a record of being financially stable for a long time. Atherton town is also spectacular for its beauty, and it is a place every traveler should visit.

Colma is a very small town in the San Mateo county of California; it is one of the most popular towns in California due to a lot of unique reasons that every tourist should know. Colma town is called “the city of silence” because it has higher population of deceased people than the living. According to statistics, a larger percentage of the land in Colma is dedicated to cemeteries, which is the reason why the town always has a good record of number of visiting travelers every year due to the fact that the families of the deceased do visit the cemeteries from time to time. Apart from being “the city of silence”, colma is also a beautiful city with a lot of tourist attractions like museums, restaurants etc. Colma is also one of the towns that every tourist who is visiting California should explore.

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Hillsborough is a large town that is located in the San Mateo county of California. This town is not expensive as it has neighborhoods that have cheap housing rates. The town is one of the oldest towns in California to retain its name. It has been called the name “Hillsborough” for over 200 years. The town is one of the few towns in California that have a very large rate of representation when it comes to politics. Hillsborough has about 80000 registered voters of which about 97 percent of them do participate in political activities. As an international traveler who is applying for a US tourist visa, it is advisable for you to choose Hillsborough as your destination as the town is less visited by travelers which makes it a “hot cake” when it comes to securing the US tourist visa.

Tiburon is a small town located in the Marin county of California. The name of this city can be traced to the Spanish word “Tiburon” which means shark. Tiburon is also one of the most visited towns in California due to a few tourist attractions that are situated in the town. One of the most amazing attractions in this town is the Ring Mountain. The Ring Mountain is a historical mountain. It is known for being home to a lot of historical artifacts like ancient art works like ancient carvings, calligraphy, etc. The Ring Mountain is also home to a lot of plants and organisms that are rare and almost extinct. Examples of plants that are present at the Ring Mountain include Mariposa Lily, Indian paintbrush, Tiburon jelly flower, etc. As much as the Tiburon town is being visited yearly by travelers, the Californian government still calls for touring of the town by international travelers, which is the reason why this town is a place where every tourist in California should visit.

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