Carry These Things for Protection when Leaving Your Home

It can be quite dangerous once you step out of your house. From the weather conditions to potential criminals, you can be at risk when you are outside. It does not mean though that you should stay all the time indoors. You can use protective devices to ensure your safety even when you are out.


When you head out late during the day, the sun could already be painful to the eyes. You can protect yourself by wearing sunglasses. You also need to see when driving your car, and wearing sunglasses helps.


Rain or shine, you need an umbrella. Some people think that getting exposed to the sun is okay because the weather seems cold. The truth is that even if it is cold, but the sun is out, you might still suffer from skin problems. Besides, the rays of the sun can increase the chances of sunburn and ageing skin. You want neither of them to happen to you.

Repair tools

When you are driving to your destination, you need to check your car first. Despite that, you might still suffer from problems along the way. It helps if you have repair tools with you so that you can fix the problem yourself and not get stuck in the middle of nowhere. 

Pepper spray

You never know when someone could attack you while you are outside. In case someone wants to harm you, it helps if you can stay protected using pepper spray. It is enough to prevent the other person from coming close to you and gives you enough time to escape. 

EMF protection 

Electromagnetic fields emitted by your phone and other electronic devices can harm you. When you are in places using a Wi-Fi connection, it is terrible. You need to protect yourself with the help of EMF protective devices such as the ones you can find at You can’t stop using these gadgets or avoid places with Wi-Fi. The best way is to prevent radiation from penetrating your body. If you have kids, you also need to let them use these devices. They come in the form of jewellery and accessories that they can put inside their bag. 

A pen

It might not seem very helpful, but it is. When you have a pen, you can write important information wherever you are, especially when your phone is dead. You can also use a pen for self-defence. You need to have one in your car and your bag.


Money is necessary when you are walking outside. Make sure you don’t carry a lot. Don’t rely on your cards since some establishments might not accept them, especially when you are overseas.

You need to protect yourself from harm regardless of the source. It is a good idea to stay protected instead of waiting until something happens before doing anything about it. You can’t pretend that everything will be okay and not prepare before you leave your house. 


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