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Graeme Perkins

Graeme Perkins, Co-Founder and Director at Rundl, a “social media-style” digital network where professional services companies, clients and communities can collaborate and transact joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Graeme Perkins discuss the following:

  • What was the inspiration that drove you and your co-founders to create Rundl?
  • You mentioned the concepts of information silos and transparency, could you give some insight as to how you are overcoming the ‘silo effect’?
  • At a client level what changes are you seeing in their approach to business, customer service and industry collaboration?
  • What industry sectors do you see that could benefit from a more collaborative approach aided by technology?
  • I understand you’ve recently received a patent for the software – what does this mean for Rundl?

Graeme Perkins has been working at the intersection of the property and technology industries since 2005. With a background in start-up software businesses, Graeme’s experience spans ideas and execution. This start-up experience provides a lingering can-do attitude and as aspiration to positively affect the work of others.

Graeme’s business motivation stems from his desire to solve real problems by applying innovative and instinctive technology to the issue. He builds teams and processes with the mind to deliver specific results, and the outcomes speak for themselves.

One of Graeme’s key accomplishments was to transform a traditional legal service into a streamlined workflow through the delivery of custom software and systems.

At Rundl, Graeme’s vision is to join social technology and standard transactions to change the way people think about business processes, and bridge digital divides.

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