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Bob Llewellyn

Author and teacher Bob Llewellyn, who is also known as The Biz Bucks Guy, because he has taught over 4500 people his Biz Bucks financial decision-making courses again joins Enterprise Radio. Llewellyn has now launched his online training business, and discusses the details.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Bob Llewellyn discuss the following:

  • We’d like to hear about how a person can gain or improve their business education without emptying their wallet. Can you give us an overview of your online training?
  • What are these four quantitative subjects?
  • Who would be the target audience interested in BizBasics, Bob?
  • But you mentioned decision making. Where does that come in?
  • What are the eight courses, Bob?
  • Where can they learn more about BBO, Bob?

TIP: In today’s WSJ, Eric, is an article about a relatively new metric for business success. It’s called ROIC (Return on Invested Capital) or “ROY-ck”. Your listeners will need to read the article to understand it and see if this is the brass ring for their company. However, the writer had the presence of mind to also interview an NYU finance professor who cautioned ROIC can cause problems. He said good ol’ cash is the best way to measure success and it should be done at the project level, not at some corporate metric. So the tip is:

Cash is the first consideration in decision making.

Don’t get caught up in accounting details or fads of the day.  BBO teaches this cash analysis in a graphical, easy to understand way.

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In 1996, Bob Llewellyn formed Llewellyn Consulting, a sole proprietorship focused on building business skills in corporate settings. In addition to consulting in strategy and management systems, he has designed and delivered the Biz Bucks series of business acumen courses, now having taught over 4500 people. He is also the CEO of, an online educational site dedicated to teaching the basic quantitative skills of business.

Bob’s 45 years of industry experience spans a diverse set of functions, primarily in the electric-energy industry. These include both leadership and professional work in engineering, marketing, budgeting, management control systems, compensation, and his passion, organizational effectiveness.

He has an electrical engineering degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from the Marshall School at the University of Southern California.

He and his wife, Marilyn, have six children and seventeen grandchildren. They reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Bob enjoys golf, guitar strumming, and “harassing” his grandkids. His volunteer efforts focus on the Boy Scouts of America and church service.

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