Building a Global Sewing Brand in the Digital World

Rebecca Page

Rebecca Page, Co-founder and CEO of Rebecca Page, a global digital sewing pattern and supplies company joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye& guest Rebecca Page discuss the following:

  1. How/why did you start the business?
  2. The sewing industry is predominantly bricks & mortar – how are you disrupting this?
  3. Rebecca Page has experienced fast growth over a short period of time – how did you achieve this?
  4. Your team of over 30 all work remotely and are based in 11 countries – how do you manage this?
  5. Your business bucks the trend with female co-founders, an all-female board and, unusually, with more than half female investors – have you experienced any challenges relating to gender when you’ve raised investment?

Tip: Establish your revenue model and product before you start to scale. My favorite book is The Lean Startup by Eric Reis. We’ve been following it since the beginning and test everything we do on a small scale, tweaking and changing until we can see the data all lines up and the KPIs work for us.

Rebecca Page Ltdcreates a range of beginner-friendly, easy-to-sew clothing and craft patterns and sewalongs. We have over 600,000 members (and quickly growing) in our engaged and creative global community. We are a female co-founded business, with an all-female board and a remote-based team of over 30 based in 11 countries.


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