Bug Band – Repelling Mosquitoes “Naturally”

Dan Ritter

Dan Ritter, President of Bug Band in Cartersville, Georgia that produces a wide range of Naturally Derived insect repellents made from the oil of Geranium plants joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dan Ritter discuss the following:

  • How and when did you get started with Bug Band?
  • What makes Bug Band different from other insect repellents and makes it the best natural mosquito repellent?
  • What is wrong with using DEET as a repellent?
  • What is in Bug Band products that repels insects?
  • Where are Bug Band products manufactured?

Dan Ritter is the President & CEO of Bug Band.  After being discharged from the Marine Corp in the late 1960’s Mr. Ritter, along with two other men formed an aerosol filling company in Marietta, GA which they grew and owned until 1985.  At that time the company was sold and two years later Mr. Ritter organized EES, Inc. which is the parent company of Bug Band.  EES, Inc. manufactures a wide range of Industrial/Institutional odor control chemicals for the commercial market – Hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc.

In 2002 one of the EES vendors introduced Mr. Ritter to Dr. Jerry Butler at the University of FL where they had been developing alternate ways to repel Mosquitoes and other troublesome insects.  After some research, which included Mr. Ritter having his arms in a cage full of hungry female Mosquitoes, it was decided to get the rights to the U. of FL patents on the use of Geraniol as a repellent.  At that point the Bug Band division of EES, Inc. was formed. Since its introduction to the market in 2003 the Bug Band line has grown both in distribution as well as product offering, and continues to grow with more products for new markets.

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Website: www.bugband.net

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