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Daniell Bliss

Daniell Bliss, Owner and Creator of Bliss Nut Butters that is A Nut Butter Company based out of Oregon, providing natural nut butter’s like peanut butter’s that are healthy and tasty and made with honey joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Daniell Bliss discuss the following:

  • What are the key ingredients for starting a successful food company?
  • What are some of the obstacles in the day-to-day operations of building a business from the ground up?
  • Why nut butters?
  • What do you like best about running your own business?
  • Are there specific challenges as a woman business owner or sourcing natural ingredients or seeking financing/growing the business?

Duration: 10:45

Peanut Butter Bliss is a product of Back 2 Basics Wellness, LLC. My Partner and I created Back 2 Basics Wellness as we are committed to living a healthy, happy lifestyle. I have a B.S in Health Education and minor in Biology. As a youth, I participated in many sports and activities and have continued on as adult, falling in love with marathons and triathlons. I learned very quickly about the importance of properly fueling my body and ways to improve my overall health. My partner grew up much the same way; living a very active lifestyle. We are now continuing on with our commitment to health and wellness by creating all natural products that will enable others to follow suit. Peanut Butter Bliss is the first in a series of products we will be creating.

Why peanut butter? The idea came from running, I wanted a healthier peanut butter that was good for me but also tasted great (runner’s love peanut butter as it is the perfect balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein for those long distances). That led me to go to work in the kitchen, soon I was giving it away as gifts and shortly after that people wanted to start buying it. We decided to give them what they wanted.

We started selling this sweet and savory mix of peanuts, honey and sea-salt in March of 2012 to our first store in Battleground Washington as “Bee-Nut Butter Bliss.” Due to some confusion with the name we changed and trademarked it to “Peanut Butter Bliss” in December of 2013.  In the testimonials listed below, Peanut Butter Bliss may be referenced to as Bee-Nut Butter Bliss. We are now in 55 plus local stores with a loyal following. A listing of our stores and contact information is provided on a separate page.

We are excited to share that we are now processed with 100 percent wind energy and use local Northwest “My Local Honey”. The texture is quite unique for peanut butter and is not easily replicated. The end result is a wonderful tasting peanut butter that is quintessential for our health and community. We hope you enjoy the samples.

Thank you for your consideration.

Daniell Bliss and Rick Jennings.


Daniell! I am deeply in love with your magic bee-nut butter. 🙂 Perfect amount of crunch, sweetness and salt. It is the only peanut butter I will ever buy. Thank you for creating something that makes me look forward to waking up each morning!

Robyn, Portland OR

Just tried your peanut butter for the first time at Zupans. Delicious! This is the best peanut butter I have ever had! Thanks!

Customer email

Hi there! I met you briefly at Zupan’s a week or so ago when you were handing out samples of your delicious Bee-Nut Butter. Anyway, I just published a blog post about your awesome product. Here it is:

Have a great week!!

Andrea Vorvick

We love your product when we met you and tasted your product at Lamb’s Store. Our parents loved it as well! We are interested in possibly giving your product as a party favor during an outdoor event in August for approximately 100-150 people. Do you have the capability of doing this, in a smaller size bottle? And how much? I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you.

Customer email

Just wanted to pass along that I think your Bee Nut Butter is incredible. It was recommended by the young woman at Camas Produce and I was not disappointed. I love, love, love it! Thanks for putting it out there and best of luck.

Customer email

Just wanted to let you know, I love peanut butter. I eat it constantly…on toast, English muffins, waffles or pancakes for breakfast, pb&j’s for lunch, and on anything chocolate or ice cream. I have tried dozens of other kinds, however your peanut butter is by far the best I have ever had. It’s healthy, sweet with natural honey instead of sugar and that sea salt just sets it off! My only question is whether you will offer a larger size…I will be moving from Oregon soon to Chicago and will be forced to order online. Maybe I can help you get into whatever local health food grocery store I shop at in Illinois! Your product would, without a doubt, be successful anywhere!! Thanks,

Todd Brown Albany, OR

Well, I bought a jar of your bee-nut butter on Saturday and polished it off in just 4 days. With just a spoon. Eating it out of the jar. This is some GOOD stuff! Thank you!

Emily (customer email)

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